New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

CB 8 Meetings to be Live Streamed after Allocation by CM Kallos and Powers

New York, NY -Today, live-streaming of Community Board 8 in Manhattan began again. This program is funded by Council Members Ben Kallos (District 5) and Keith Powers (District 4) and the service is provided by WNET.

Council Member Kallos has funded the live-streaming of 6 Community Board 8 meetings through a budget allocation of $20,000. Council Member Powers will split his $20,000 allocation between multiple boards in his district, funding 3 Community Board 8 meetings for this fiscal year.

Community Board live-streaming is a program of WNET. WNET has streamed, curated and archived 86 community board meetings using the latest digital technology since the program began two years ago. This program is supported by grants from individual Council Members across the City.

“I have spent my time in the City Council focused on government transparency,” said Council Member Ben Kallos. “Community Boards are our most local form of government and I am pleased to be able to provide access to the important work they do for members of my district who cannot attend in person.”

“I ran for the City Council and pledged to make my office and the workings of our government more open and accessible,” said Council Member Keith Powers.  “As a former Community Board Member, I know firsthand the importance of the work that happens at this level and I am glad to help more New Yorkers learn about what is happening at Community Board 8.”

As the public media station for the New York metropolitan area, WNET is proud to partner with Councilmembers Kallos and Powers to provide this public service to the community” said Neal Shapiro, President and CEO of WNET.

"Community Board 8 is excited for the continued partnership of WNET to increase access and transparency through the live-streaming of our Full Board meetings," said Will Brightbill CB8 District Manager. "The Board greatly appreciates the support of our local Council Members Ben Kallos and Keith Powers in providing funding for this fantastic program."

Community board can be live streamed here:

Past community board meetings can be found here:    

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