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Politico Issa's FITARA Amendment on Tap Today by Alex Byers

Issa's FITARA Amendment on Tap Today

ISSA’S FITARA AMENDMENT ON TAP TODAY — The House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman’s bill to reform the federal IT landscape will come up as part of a bloc of amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act today. As we’ve reported, though, the proposed text looks a bit different than the version that cleared the committee earlier this year — for example, it cut two paragraphs that promoted open-source software. That’s not exactly music to the ears of open government advocates — one, for example, told us that a government pivot to open source would be a cost-saver and potential job creator. But at the same time, the change reinforces the bill’s support for technology-neutral software procurement — the idea that the government should buy the best software for the best price, regardless of how it’s licensed. Today’s votes are expected between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., according to the leader’s schedule.


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