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Main Street WIRE The RIRA Column by Ellen Polivy

The RIRA Column

                                                                                                          Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt Committee produced a groundbreaking event and fund-raiser.  Over 1,000 children and parents participated at two age-specific sites.  Attendance far exceeded our expectations.  In the younger children’s event, we had more adults in the children’s area than children.  It became a full-family event, with parents and grandparents  coming out to spend a special day with their children.  This is likely to become a tradition.

Thank-you’s: A production of this size and quality could not have been done without a huge number of person-hours.  A special shout-out goes to more than 50 volunteers for their hard work and their combined thousands of hours.  Lynne Shinozaki, Lydia Tang, Eva Bosbach, Nikki Leopold, and Lynne’s assistant for the day, Madison Rodriguez, did a smashing job.  Lynne wanted me to publicly thank the following people who made the event what it was: our larger-than-life dynamic Easter Bunny, Dan Leinweber; young adults Janelle Hawkins and Esma Williams; and the energetic young volunteers from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Yun Woon, Jia Ying Mei, Carmen Tan, Angela Zheng, and Kayla Tang.  Two middle-school gentlemen, Max Dorfmann and Mark Shinozaki, also spent the day helping.  We had volunteers from the Roosevelt Island Youth Program, and a huge group of community members who just showed up and helped.  Many of the volunteers are part of Eva Bosbach’s Mothers Network, which also sold the most raffle tickets.  Nikki Leopold and Island Kids helped with expertise, people-power, and supplies.  Our face painter, Liyan Chen, created hundreds of beautified happy bunny faces.  Connie Tanner from Gallery RIVAA, and her assistants Katherine Vithlani and Chloe Mansour, excelled at helping the children make gorgeous Easter bonnets.  Between the bunny faces and the bonnets, the adorable children looked ecstatic.  Early Moments Book Company heard of the event and donated 100 books.  The under-three crowd, who were too young to play with the plastic eggs, were thrilled with their lavishly illustrated gifts.  Lt.  John Pappas and the Port Authority Canine Unit did a show and demonstration, and allowed petting of the dogs.  For the older children’s event, the cotton candy was donated by the Youth Program, and their tee shirts were from Roosevelt Landings.  Ben Kallos’s team stepped up to the plate that day when some volunteers didn’t show up, and did the registration for us.  Starbucks provided the coffee and volunteers, and Gristedes provided the food.  We hope that this exciting event will become an annual tradition.

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