New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

CBS News 2 New York Strap hangers say "bring back the booths" by Kristine Johnson

Strap hangers say "bring back the booths"

Kristine Johnson: Strap hangers on the Upper East Side say "bring back the booths." A coalition of riders, community leaders and transit workers are collecting signatures to petition the MTA to return station agents and booths to their subways. They claim that crime and vandalism have increased with removal of booths and are demanding the MTA do something about it.

Ben Kallos: We won’t give you agents, we won’t give you subway booths. And if your metro cards are broken, good luck, mail it in; there won’t be anybody to help you.

Kristine Johnson: According to the campaign, booths on the uptown-bound 77th and 86th Street stations were closed as part of the agency's attempt to cut budgets. The MTA says the stations are properly manned and there are no plans to reinstate any booths.

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