New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Endorsements for Manhattan Borough President


Understanding technology is a must and Council Member Ben Kallos actually laid cable supporting telecommunications infrastructure for tens of thousands of users on the SUNY Albany campus. Ben Kallos has never been afraid to stand up to anyone and do the work to win. Kallos made sure he joined us at every opportunity in support of our contract negotiations with Verizon on behalf of workers and customers including rallies, calling the CEO personally, and even holding them accountable at the Public Service Commission. As the next Manhattan Borough President with a vote on the Franchise and Concession Review Committee he will be a strong voice for our workers and consumer protection,” said Keith Purce, President of Communications Workers of America Local 1101.


“Saving our planet has always been a priority for Council Member Ben Kallos who understands the importance of energy efficiency in buildings. Heat and Frost insulation pays for itself in a matter of years, then keeps giving, which is why as a Chair of the Committee on Governmental Operations Ben Kallos focused on hundreds of millions in municipal building retrofits to save tax payers’ money and the planet. As Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus, he backed the first of its kind green buildings law for the private sector. We need Ben Kallos as the next Manhattan Borough President to make sure our city’s biggest polluters – our buildings – reduce the carbon footprint for cleaner air and to save our planet,” said John Jovic, Business Manager and Financial Secretary, for Heat and Frost Insulators Local 12.


“Ben Kallos is the real deal when it comes to workers’ rights. His law to track construction safety incidents is making daily life safer for Laborers,” said Robert Bonanza, Business Manager, Mason Tenders District Council, LiUNA Eastern Region.


The New York City Coalition of Operating Engineers is proud to endorse New York City Council Member Ben Kallos for Manhattan Borough President.

“During his time in the City Council no one has worked harder than Ben Kallos to protect the safety of tens of thousands of men and women in the construction industry. He understands that in order to ensure their safety and the safety of the millions of New Yorkers, commuters, and tourists who pass by construction sites each day, it is critically important that all workers be properly trained. He knows and continuously advocates that the integrity and rigor of our procedures for licensing these workers must be maintained and, when necessary, strengthened,” said Edwin Christian, President of the 18,000 member coalition.

“Our members operate the cranes that soar above our skyline; bore the tunnels that provide our water; inspect the buildings that are constructed throughout the City; and operate the most complex and energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in our hospitals, schools, and residential and commercial towers. All of our members are trained, certified, and licensed."

“Ben Kallos understands the significance of those credentials. Our members believe Ben Kallos has the proper credentials to be Manhattan’s next Borough President.”


"The health and welfare of patients in our NYC hospitals is better served with safe staffing of nurses, something Council Member Ben Kallos has fought for and helped us win at Lenox Hill Hospital. For the last six years, Ben has stood with us at informational events, advocating directly with executives or in the media, and has been there for our members for two successful contract negotiations. Anyone who may one day be a patient at a hospital in Manhattan will be well served to have Ben Kallos as the next Borough President fighting for safe staffing and positive patient outcomes," said President Kathleen Flynn, RN, Esq. of the New York Professional Nurses Union (NYPNU). 


“When it’s time for a tough battle, Ben Kallos is always ready to fight on the side of working families. Kallos has the tenacity we need in the next Manhattan Borough President,” said John Hutchings, Executive Director and Treasurer, New York State Laborers' Political Action Committee.


“Ben Kallos has been a dramatic and effective member of the City Council. His energy and courage stand out and we are very pleased with his responsiveness and hard work,” said Robert Croghan, Chairperson and President of the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA), whose leadership has endorsed Kallos.

“Real Estate Developers took billions in public dollars for affordable housing, and many have not lived up to their promises. When I discovered this, Ben Kallos was there to listen and protect my whistle blower status. He authored the law that I recommended to force landlords to register each and every unit of affordable housing to help end the crisis,” said Stephen Werner, from the Executive Board of the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA),  an analyst and whistleblower at Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) with whom Kallos worked alongside ProPublica to expose as many as 200,000 units of affordable housing that had gone unregistered and pass Local Law 64 to force their registration and offering to low-income New Yorkers.


“A man of his word, when we questioned why city dollars were going to subsidize poverty wages on construction sites, Council Member Ben Kallos immediately began working with us on legislation supporting fair wages and benefits for construction workers throughout our city. We’ve been proud to march with him shoulder to shoulder and hope to continue to do so as our next Borough President,” said Sal Starace, Financial Secretary-Treasurer and Recording Secretary for Sheet Metal Workers Local 28.


“Construction is safest when workers have the benefit of modern training facilities, certifications, on the job training, and wages that recognize their expertise, these are facts Ben Kallos already knew when he toured our training hall. As a Council Member Ben Kallos has fought for training, apprenticeship, and prevailing wage on publicly funded projects through laws he’s co-sponsored, legislation he has authored, and a project by project basis. Kallos authored the law to count every life on a construction, creating fines for disreputable contractors that would hide injuries on the job. As the next Manhattan Borough President Ben Kallos will continue Gale Brewer’s construction safety working group and fight for our city’s working families,” said Patrick Dolan, Jr. President of Steamfitters Local 638.


“Keeping the lights on is a 24-hour 7 day a week job for our utility workers which is something Council Member Ben Kallos has always understood. As a candidate he joined us at daily protests in front of the home of the CEO who made million off the backs of consumers as he locked workers out of their jobs for nearly a month. As a Council Member, Ben Kallos has always been there for us and we need him as the next Manhattan Borough President fighting ConEd to protect workers and consumers,” said James Shillitto, President, Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2.


Elected Official

“Ben Kallos legislates with a rare combination of focus and creativity,” said First Public Advocate Mark Green. “All the way back in 2009 when he was working with me to develop ‘Change for New York: 100 Ideas for a Better City,’ I was confident that Ben Kallos had a unique progressive vision. In his time in the Council I have been blown away by his ability to get big wins for New Yorkers while standing up to powerful forces, and I know he’s ready to take the role Manhattan Borough President by storm.”

Serving as Director of Policy for Green’s 2009 campaign for Public Advocate, Kallos worked with Green on his "Change for New York: 100 Ideas for a Better City." Since being elected to the City Council in 2013, Kallos has championed many of Green’s progressive policies and has won hard-fought gains, including expanding the public campaign finance system Green originally wrote for a full public match to get big money out, providing affordable housing through an online portal, fighting homelessness by founding a taskforce and building supportive housing, and adding more than 1,400 new public school seats.

Green and Kallos have recently teamed up to support progressive candidates for office, including Jumaane Williams for Public Advocate and most recently Elizabeth Warren for President. Kallos was the first Manhattan politician to endorse Warren, after Green initially introduced them.

“There are no easy public policy issues, but Ben has taken on some of the hardest,” said Former Public Advocate Mark Green. “Ben has taken on ‘unsolvable’ problems that have plagued New York for years—from scaffolding to tenant blacklists—and found creative ways to finally make the progress New Yorkers are looking for. I am proud to see what he’s done, and excited to see him bring his energy to the borough of Manhattan.”