New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

2013 Endorsements

Democratic Club

The 504 Democratic Club is a New York City-based coalition of Democrats working towards inclusion of people with disabilities in the political and social fabric of society. Club members hail from all five boroughs. “The members of the 504 Democratic Club were blown away by Ben's knowledge of the intricacies of disability issues. While many stalwarts expected to endorse his opponent due to having a disability himself, it was clear that Ben was far and away the best candidate to represent the disability community. Sometimes, understanding and experience trumps identity politics, and it was clear that the club almost unanimously changed their preconceived support upon hearing Ben's presentation,” said Dodge Landesman of the 504 Democratic Club. Kallos has been an advocate for special needs while supporting his mother in her battle against Parkinson's disease, and social services and public health are priorities in his campaign platform.


Editorial Board

The next City Council

5th District (Upper East Side): ... Opponent Ben Kallos, a young community board member and former Assembly staffer, is a conventional liberal but has thumped for genuine legislative transparency. We prefer him ...


For New York City Council

Published: August 30, 2013

MANHATTAN’S DISTRICT 5 (Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island): A few months ago, this race looked as if it would be an easy win for Assemblyman Micah Kellner. Then came the accusations against him of sexual harassment — charges now being investigated by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics in Albany. Fortunately, there is a better candidate in this race: Ben Kallos, a lawyer and activist. Mr. Kallos has government experience as a legislative aide in Albany, where he worked to begin putting voting records online. He has impressive proposals to help students who attend the City University of New York by forgiving college loans to those who work and stay in the city, and to require developers to build more affordable apartments to get tax abatements. He wants to expand broadband service and revisit congestion pricing. Ben Kallos brings fresh ideas and merits this seat.


Elected Official